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Advanced Microbial Services is a biotechnology company employing the natural abilities of microbes to consume or transform various chemical wastes which produce visual, operational or disposal problems. The most common biodegradable wastes are hydrocarbon sources such as fuel, oil and grease (F.O.G.) compounds, industrial waste solvents and coolants, and sludge's. These compounds are food sources for bacteria under the proper conditions.

Our challenge as microbial professionals is to knowledgeably assist the natural process, and provide a solution to our clients' needs. We provide products and services to environmental service providers, oil and gas producers, chemical manufacturers, land owners, and road construction and maintenance providers.

The Advanced Microbial Services laboratory is a production facility devoted to the cultivation of microbial products and services to provide environmental cleanup solutions. Because we grow our own products, our customers get quality control, technological support, and a guarantee that for similar products, our prices will always be lower. We grow fresh batch cultures of our microbes to a viable cell concentration of not less than 2 billion cells per milliliter or 7.5 trillion per gallon. These concentrated products are delivered straight from the lab to the location.



We do not re-grow old batches, nor do we store our products for more than 30 days. The three microbial blends, Advanced Microbial 101, Advanced Microbial 201 and Advanced Microbial 301 are the most common blends we use from the 116 different species in our inventory. Custom blends with specific properties can be formulated dependent upon your needs.

We offer environmental remediation solutions for saltwater, groundwater, surface water contamination and soil remediation.

Do you have a paraffin control problem in a well? We can help.

We also have a solution for restaurant grease control and provide scheduled maintenance. Advanced Microbial Services has three distinct inoculum formulations that can be used to degrade a variety of contaminants. Each formulation contains a diverse population of organisms to ensure effective remediation.

Let us know what contaminant(s) plagues your system and we'll decide on the proper formulation and conduct a pilot study for 30 days to learn what conditions are best to treat the system and ensure cost effective removal. Why wrestle with contaminant problems? Let those wonderful microbes keep your system clean!

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