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Grease Trap Cleaning

Grease trap control services offered by Advanced Microbial Services can help restaurant owners and food manufacturers in a variety of ways by utilizing our cutting-edge microbial technology, Advanced Microbial 301. Our service is designed to save owners money by reducing plumbing repair costs, city surcharges, extending trap pumping intervals and reducing pumping costs. This is what we were able to do for Bar S Foods.

Currently, we service 250 clients in the Metro Tulsa and surrounding areas. On average, our clients have experienced greater than $300 savings per year per store. See what we were able to do for this Meat Processing Plant.

While we only do grease trap cleaning in Oklahoma, our Advanced Microbial 301 can and has been shipped anywhere in the world. If you own a Restaurant or Food Manufacturing company, you can order this from us and we will have it shipped to you.

To enroll in the Advanced Microbial Services grease trap cleaning program, our expert technicians make a personal visit to your restaurant or manufacturing site and inspect the grease trap and inside drain lines. Additionally, our technicians will help you set up a program to reduce trash and debris that can clog drain lines and inhibit proper operation of the grease trap.



Once the service has ensued, our technicians will treat the grease trap and inside drains with our live, bacterial cultures. The technician will check the grease level in the trap and coordinate a pumping if necessary. Furthermore, the technician will take monthly samples for fat, oil and grease (F.O.G.) analysis which will be performed by a certified lab for testing. All of these efforts are to ensure that our clients are meeting local wastewater regulations.

Advanced Microbial Services does not use enzyme products. We use live, actively growing bacteria that does not present a health concern. Our services are fully insured. You can view a Bakery case study here.

We provide grease trap pumping within 200 mile radius of Tulsa, OK which includes:

  • Complete removal of all waste
  • Power washing of grease trap walls
  • Regulatory compliance 24-hour service
  • State of the art equipment

Here are a few of the companies that we currently service:

  • OSU, Boone Pickens Stadium, TU, and NSU for their food production
  • McDonalds, Taco Bueno, Pizza Hut, Sonic
  • Logans, Applebee’s, McNelly’s, El Guapo
  • Bar S Foods, Bama, Noni’s, Campbells Foods, Bates Inc.
  • Fresh Market, Homeland

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