Microbial Remediation Solutions

Advanced Microbial 201

Faster Bioremediation

Groundwater Remediation

Groundwater remediation and Wastewater treatment are extremely important and as we continuously pollute our environment with chemicals. Most manufacturers use chemicals to produce their products. Home cleaning products go down the drain and into our sewers. Chemicals that are used on our lawns and farms soak into the ground and eventually make their way into our groundwater.

This is where our microbial remediation solution, Advanced Microbial 201, really shines. This is a blend of 34 naturally occurring microbes that have been selected for their bioremediation ability to degrade these harmful chemicals that make their way into our water systems.



Pesticide Bioremediation

Industries that will benefit from this microbial remediation solution are agriculture, chemical manufacturers, clothing manufacturers, dry cleaners, heavy equipment cleaning, and any sort of industry that utilizes pesticides and herbicides.

This blend is best for bioremediating damages caused by these chemicals:

  • Isoprenoid, Linear and Cyclic Terpene Degradation
  • Lignin and Related Degradation Products
  • Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Degradation
  • Dyes, Phenols and Related Compounds Degradation
  • Removal of Many Pesticides,Herbicides and Insecticides

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