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Waste Water Treatment

Treating wastewater can sometimes be a major challenge. Operators of industrial wastewater systems probably face some of the greatest challenges due to the instability in the waste stream. Furthermore, chemical treatment and mechanical separation is often employed in industrial treatment.

Although in many systems chemical treatment and mechanical separation is essential (i.e. pH reduction to precipitate metals, mechanical screeners to remove heavy solids, etc.), some instances occur when these types of treatments create a secondary waste stream that is larger than necessary.

In certain cases, the secondary waste stream can be significantly reduced or eliminated because the target contaminate can easily be degraded biologically. This results in conversion of the contaminant [in an aerobic environment] to biomass (more bacterial cells), carbon dioxide and water. The degradability of the contaminant will determine the reduction level of the secondary waste stream.

Wastewater generators can experience significant cost savings through reduced disposal costs by reducing secondary waste streams.


Under proper conditions, microbial inoculation can significantly enhance the performance of industrial treatment systems. This can be achieved because microorganisms specific to the target contaminant can be injected to ensure a microbial population is present that can efficiently degrade the compound, helping the plant meet local wastewater regulations. We treated a Glass Manufacturing Companies wastewater wastewater and you can see the results.


Inoculation in Industrial Wastewater Treatment Operations

A common problem encountered in industrial wastewater treatment operations is conditions that are less than desirable to maintain a consistent microbial population. Swings in pH, temperature and waste stream do not allow enough stability for the population to grow and select for the best degraders.

This problem can be easily remedied by inoculation. Continuously injecting microbes that are good degraders of a specific substrate (i.e. grease, oil, cellulose, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc) offers stability for biological treatment. Since the inoculation is constant, system operators can be assured that the proper organisms are present.

Once a stable biological treatment program has been established, industrial wastewater generators should experience a new level of efficiency in their treatment operations.

The ability to establish biological treatment for industrial wastewater generators offers many advantages over other forms of treatment (i.e. mechanical or chemical). Biological treatment does not generate additional waste streams like mechanical or chemical treatment programs.

The by-products of biological degradation in an optimized setting are carbon dioxide, water and biomass (more bacterial cells). In mechanical and chemical programs, additional waste streams may be generated because a constituent of the waste stream that is removed must be disposed of by other means.

For example, oils extracted from water via chemical treatments must now be disposed of in a landfill. In this same example, a biological program would eliminate or at least reduce the secondary waste stream because the oils would be degraded. Thus, disposal costs associated with the secondary waste stream would be eliminated or reduced. You can see here what we did for this Municipal Lift Station .

Advanced Microbial Services offers our superb Advanced Microbial 201 for most wastewater treatment purposes. We offer three distinct inoculum formulations that can be used to degrade a variety of contaminants. Each formulation contains a diverse population of organisms to ensure effective remediation.

Let us know what contaminant(s) plagues your system and we'll decide on the proper formulation and conduct a pilot study for 30 days to learn what conditions are best to treat the system and ensure cost effective removal. Why wrestle with contaminant problems? Let those wonderful microbes keep your system clean!

Oil refineries, Power Plants, Dry Cleaners, Heavy Equipment Cleaning, and Food Industry companies are our biggest clients for our wastewater treatment services.

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